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We are intended to offer you some guidance in order to make it as easy as possible for you to access the German social security system. After all, you can count on us for support with all the uncertainties, questions and concerns associated with your move to Germany.

During your stay, you will enjoy the protection of the German social security system. German social security is a statutory insurance system that offers effective financial protection against major life risks and their consequences, such as illness, unemployment, old age and long-term care. It guarantees a stable standard of living, provides support and pensions when people leave the workforce. The health system is one of the best-performing systems in the world.

Information on how this system works and what benefits and services the BKK can offer you – for example, if you should get sick and need help – can be found here or obtained directly from your personal English-speaking customer advisor at the Deutsche Bank Health Insurance Fund.


0211 / 90 65 - 0

Betriebskrankenkasse der Deutschen Bank
Königsallee 60c
40212 Düsseldorf


40189 Düsseldorf


E-Mail: bkk.info@db.com


Fax: 0211 / 9065 - 499

BKK – exclusively for members of Deutsche Bank

Deutsche Bank offers its employees a special benefit in the field of health: their very own company health insurance fund. We are a statutory German health insurance fund – exclusively for the employees of Deutsche Bank.

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• For comprehensive information on the German health system, please visit the website: www.bamf.de.
• You can find out all about life in Germany at: www.justlanded.com.
• For interesting facts about politics, life, culture and business in Germany, check out: www.deutschland.de.

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